Ancestors of James A V WHITAKER

  • MCDONELL and ANDREW - Scotland to Victoria
    William Melrose McDonell arrival estimated mid 1850's - merchant seaman.
    Andrew family dep. Birkenhead 19 May 1853 Banker's Daughter arr. 3 Sept 1853
  • WHITAKER - Manchester to Victoria
    Arthur Henry Whitaker and Annie Ross dep. London 30 July 1887 Hesperus  arr. Melbourne 21 October 1887
    Henry Whitaker (brother) dep. London 1885

     Ancestors of Grace Christina HILL

  • CRISPIN and CHURCHWARD - Devon to London, France and NSW
    Richard Crispin and Sarah Churchward, Devon to London 1812,
    France between1815 and 1820. Richard, Sarah and 2 youngest sons dep. London 20 July 1840 arr. Port Jackson 30 Jan. 1841 William Lushington

    Older sons followed:-
    Mr Crispin arr. Port Jackson 24 Mar. 1844 Shamrock
    Richard Crispin arr. Port Jackson 11 Oct. 1849 Susan
    Robert Crispin arr. Sydney 14 Dec. 1859 Annie Wilson

KILPATRICK - Northern Ireland to NSW

  • Richard and Esther Kilpatrick and three daughters Ireland to Greenock sometime before May 1841, dep. Greenock 21 May 1841 arr. Sydney Aug. 1841 Percy
    Son William came later

MCDOWALL and McEachern - Scotland to New Zealand and Victoria

  • McDowall family dep. Scotland arr. Dunedin 5 Apr. 1848 Phillip Laing
    John McDowMcEachern family (sister) arr. Dunedin 4 November 1842 New Zealand 
    dep. NZ arr. Melb on 15 Aug. 1853 Belle Creole,
    Elizabeth McDowall. Maria McEachern & chn. arr. Melbourne 29 Mar. 1854 Rolla
    Archibald McEachern dep. NZ 15 Jan. 1853 arr. Melbourne 17 Feb. 1853 Comet

HILL from Ireland and HEWITT - London to Victoria

  • Richard Hill sen. dep. Ireland to London early 1830’s
    Joseph Hill sen. dep. Ireland for London before 1830.
    Richard Hill jr. (brother) arr. Melbourne 1852
    Joseph sen and family arr. Melbourne 1855 Northumberland
    Joseph Hill jn. arr. Geelong 15 January 1855 British Empire
    Harrison Lee & Jonas Osborne arr. Melbourne December 1854 James McHenry 

CAMERON - Scotland to Victoria

  • Grace Cameron dep. Southampton arr. Melbourne 30 August 1861 Atalanta